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Reviact™ Advanced Canine Joint Supplement


Reviact™ Advanced Joint Support Tablets help improve your dog’s mobility by providing advanced joint support nutrients. The product provides targeted ingredients that support relief from discomfort after exercise and protect connective tissues from the effects of harmful free radicals. Reviact™ Advanced Joint Support contains Devil’s Claw Extract, Cetylated Fatty Acids, Turmeric, and Phellodendron Tree extracts which provide higher potency support for joint, bone, and connective tissues for senior, heavily exercised and all breeds of dogs.



Reviact™ Advanced Joint Support contains potent antioxidant ingredients including extracts of Devil’s Claw, Turmeric and Phellodendron Tree Extract, superoxide dismutase, cetylated fatty acids, calcium ascorbate and Bromelain. These tasty tablets provide added support for the more advanced needs of all breeds, highly active, young and senior dogs for optimal joint function.
Moving in dogs naturally leads to generation of free radicals. The tissues respond to this by faster repair processes. Under normal conditions, these free radicals are neutralized and the joint then returns to its normal resting state with balance restored.
Factors such as heavy exercise, obesity or aging lead to higher levels of free radicals. When this happens, additional antioxidant support can benefit the dog to neutralize the free radicals in order to support the integrity of joints and connective tissues.
Fructooligosaccharide in Reviact™ Advanced Joint Support is a prebiotic for a healthy microbiome and balanced immune response. Bioactive whey is also a potent support agent for balanced immune reactions and MSM helps a healthy inflammatory response. Chondroitin is also a component of joint cartilage and helps increase water holding capacity which supports cartilage cushioning characteristics. Hyaluronate is a very viscous substance that lubricates the joint fluid. These substances contribute to homeostasis, maintaining a balance between cartilage breakdown and repair.

Directions for use:

Use at the rate of 1 tablet per 25 lbs. body weight daily.
Less than 25 lbs. = 1/2-1 tablet daily. 25-50 lbs. = 1-2 tablets daily. 50+ lbs. = 2-3 tablets daily


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