Tasty Reviact ™ advanced Joint supplement Tablets help promote your dog’s mobility by providing advanced joint support ingredients. These delicious tablets provide added support for the more advanced needs of all breeds of dogs, for optimal joint mobility, structure, and function. Provides targeted ingredients that support relief from discomfort following exercise and protect connective tissues from the effects of damaging free radicals. With Devil’s Claw Extract, Cetylated Fatty Acids, Turmeric, and Phellodendron Tree extracts.

Reviact ™ is where nature and science meet. We are proud to have mastered the art of combining the right amounts of natural and medicinal ingredients. Reviact ™ is the fruit of over fifteen years of veterinary experience brought to you after years of research in pet nutrition and medicine. Our research has resulted in unique formula by utilizing the most effective ingredients that nature has gifted us.

We have developed several health supplements for canines, some of which will be released shortly. We have not forgotten about your feline friends. We are also honored to announce that we have several feline products on the way as well. Reviact™ is a brand name registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).